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Therapy Sessions

Mary T Aaron.

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Couple Meditating
Couple Therapy.
Individual Therapy.
Face to Face. 
Regardelss how you Identify. 

We all want to be in and feel we have strong, loving relationships, however, this is not always the case.

You are not on your own, it doesn’t matter who you are, we are all recovering from something, a broken heart, failed relationships, difficult childhoods, or loss.


Strong relationships improve lives, families and mental health.

All of us face challenges from time to time – and couples have to navigate various difficulties throughout the life cycle of their relationship.


Lots of people have a problem with sex at some point in their life. Some people can help themselves. For others, sexual problems can cause a lot of distress and unhappiness.


Any activity, substance, object, or behaviour that has become the major focus of a person's life to the exclusion of other activities, or that has begun to harm the individual or others physically, mentally, or socially is considered an addictive behaviour. 

Men's Mental Health.

Mental health is an issue that affects all genders, but men often struggle more with opening up about their emotions and mental health struggles. Men may be more reluctant to talk about their mental health issues due to societal expectations and stigma.


Getting Help

Therapy can help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, and find your own solutions to problems. 

Most, negative and/or addictive behaviours can lead to difficult mental health from depression to anxiety sometimes expressed in anger, or self esteem issues. 


From the moment I got in touch with Mary I knew I had found the right therapist. Having tried a couple of counsellors beforehand I knew that I needed someone with the ability to give me feedback and not just listen.

I initially started therapy to improve the relationship I had with my son.

With limited knowledge, I figured 8-10 sessions would be enough and I’m delighted to say I was wrong.

15 months later I have finally come to the end of my sessions.

I can honestly say it’s the best investment I have ever made in myself. It has not been easy but I have learned a new way of thinking, understanding and a skill set that is allowing me to live a much more manageable, peaceful life.

I am so grateful to have met Mary and for the time she has dedicated to understanding people, personalities and life.

My weekly sessions were the most open, safe and secure space for me to share everything I needed to in a completely judgment-free zone.

I cried, we laughed and most of all I can say that I am happier now than I have ever been.

So thank you Mary for helping me understand myself better and live a more fulfilling life, I can not recommend you enough. C.

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