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My interest in couple work developed through my failed relationships and the many failed relationships I saw with friends, family and co-workers.

The statistics are so high for relationships to fail. Yet we try and try again.

So why does it seem so hard?

I believe it seems hard because its starts as one thing but ends up as something different.

We all hear the things we want to hear at the beginning because we want or need to hear them, and then we ignore potential red flags.

These red flags have not gone away.

Red flags can be sex, communication, not knowing about your new partner's past, or how they manage finances or relationships.

A good indicator of future behaviour is relevant past behaviour.

The red flags you may have chosen to ignore are likely to reappear during the big decisions and choices we make as a couple.

If we have not started with a good foundation, the cracks will show later.

Couples Therapy
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