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One Session Therapy.

 Focus on a specific issue you want to discuss objectively with someone. this won’t solve all your problems instantly but it can help you to work out the next step(s) you can take toward your goal.

One Session Therapy is exactly that, it is one session of therapy.

We will work together on an immediate, pressing issue that you feel stuck with. 

The idea behind OST. 
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OST works on a  single issue; it enables us to start to clear anything we may be stuck with. 

It works well if you have wanted to have therapy but struggle to know exactly what it is you want to work on.


it enables you to focus on one issue and work through a solution that is manageable for yourself.

It works well if you don't have time to comment too regular sessions. 
it works well because it is cost-effective. 

What can One Session Therapy help with?
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How Much is a Session, and how long are the Sessions? 

Feeling stuck on a particular issue?

for example:

·       Relationships.

·       Family issues, parenting

·       Managing stress or anger

·       Health issues

·       Bereavement

·        ADHD struggles for self or others.

·       Identity issues

·       Low self-confidence, low self-esteem

·       Trauma

·       Family violence, abuse

The single Session is £85 The Session is 75 minutes with a follow-up chat in 2/3 weeks' time. 

How long will I have to wait? and how do I book?

You can usually have your session quickly – usually within a week.

The booking form is below. PLEASE STATE if it is for OST.

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